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On Saturday the 2nd of March, Pot Black held an evening with 5 times Darts world champion Eric Bristow. With all the tickets sold everyone was treated to a great night of entertainment. With each of Pot Black’s darts team picking team members to play, it was Martin from the Friday night B team who was first up who gave a good account of himself but narrowly lost out to the former world champion. Second up saw Moysie, also of the B team, who showed the 5 time champion of the world just how it’s done by winning the leg. 3rd up to pit his wits against Eric was Oz who was also representing the B team. With the crowd getting into it Oz just couldn’t quite finish off the former world champion as Eric took the leg.

Next up saw the youngest member of the B team Adam Underdown, who played very well but the veteran of the game showed the youngster why he won so many titles and claimed another leg. With the Friday night A team now getting the alcohol flowing they were ready to send some players forward. First up from the A team was Lynx with walk on music amusing the crowd he stepped forward and managed to beat Eric. It was then time for Springy who just couldn’t hit the double, which let Eric in and he took the leg. With George up next he was down to the double in 13 darts but like Springy couldn’t find the winning double. Peeky was next up and made it another leg to the crowd as he finished off Eric. Then it was time for a rematch of 30 years ago as Ralph Flat took on Eric. Ralph who was runner-up to Eric in the News of the World competition finally got his revenge by beating Eric.

Then saw Sam Underdown, who represents the club in both the Monday and Friday night leagues, take on Eric Bristow. This was a close game but it was Eric once again who took another leg. Last up from the teams was Gotts with the crowd giving him plenty of banter it was Eric who finished the leg to win another leg. It was now time for the Auction and the first auction saw Gary High make the winning bid of £60, with some good darts from Gary he got to the double and finished the leg off on double 4. The next Auction saw Howard Attew pay £50 for his once in a lifetime opportunity to take on the legend of the game, Howard started off strong but Eric took this leg as well. With 2 more auction places left, club regular Antony Pickering made a £55 bid that wasn’t beaten so he step forward even though darts is not his game he made a good account of himself but the outcome was the same as the others, as Eric clean up his score to win the leg.

Last place of the night was up for grabs and Club owner Aidan Owens didn’t want to miss out so he paid £60 but Eric took the leg and finished the night off with a win. All that was left was to auction off the dartboard used on the night, with Eric Bristow signing the back of it the bids started off and when Gary High bid £100 no one else matched it and he walked away with the a personalised dartboard which is heading for a place on the families new bungalow wall. Thank you to everyone who donated money, all together we raised £355 for the Beach radio charity Help an east coast child. Thank you to everyone who came along and check out our gallery for pictures of the night and keep checking the website for future events at or visit our Facebook page.