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2017 Grand Prix winner Nathan Derry


Results from finals night.
Last 16
Billy Combination Gallie Bye
Michael Mcmaster 3-5 Nathan Derry
Declan Salter 5-0 Chris Flynn 
Tom Beer Bye
Mike Wooltorton Bye
Alex Lock 4-5 Dave Moran
Brad Burnett 5-0 Stephen Degenkolb
Colin Halliday Bye


Billy Combination Gallie 2-6 Nathan Derry
Declan Salter 6-1 Tom Beer
Mike Wooltorton 6-2 Dave Moran
Brad Burnett 5-6 Colin Halliday


Semi Finals
Nathan Derry 6-5 Declan Salter
Mike Wooltorton 1-6 Colin Halliday


Nathan Derry 6-2 Colin Halliday


Congratulations to Nathan Derry on winning the 2017 Grand Prix. Thank you to everyone that came throughout the 10 weeks of qualifying.