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Saturday 17th October saw the greatest player ever to pick a cue up Ronnie O’Sullivan come to Pot Black for an evening of entertainment. With a surprise appearance from the 1985 world champion Dennis Taylor, who was providing running commentary and telling jokes throughout, everyone was in for a brilliant night. Both Dennis and Ronnie received a tremendous reception when they entered the hall. First to make an appearance was Dennis Taylor whilst Ronnie was getting ready he warmed the crowd up with some stories for the old days and some jokes whilst performing some trick shots. Then Dennis introduced Ronnie into the hall, the roof nearly came off when he walked through the door.

Frame 1 saw Anthony Pickering step up who was very nervous, Ronnie got in first and made a 44 before running out of position, but with the second chance he cleared to the black on its spot leaving an outrageous cut full length of the table that he cut in to make a 58 clearance.

Frame 2 saw Andy Rudd step up he went for a long red which he missed leaving Ronnie in the balls to make a century of 102 before missing the last red. Andy came to the table with Ronnie saying if you clear up you can have the frame, he potted the red and blue then cleared all the colours for a 33 clearance. Frame 3 was Gary wards turn to take on Ronnie. Gary potted a red but missed the colour. Gary got another chance and hammered the ball with Dennis saying “you like hitting the ball hard Gary” he made 8 before missing and Ronnie stepped up to make a 67 break. Frame 4 was the highlight of the night, Bryan Marshall stepped forward only getting 2 shots as Ronnie potted a long red to get on the black, and you could see what he had his eye on. As 4 red and blacks became 10 red and blacks he was going for the maximum. As he potted the 13th black to bring up the hundred a massive round of applause greeted it.

He potted the final red and black with everyone willing him on he finished perfect on the yellow. The yellow disappeared in the pocket followed by the green brown blue and pink. He walked round the table as everyone went quiet he got down and potted the black to complete the 147 and the roof did come off everyone standing cheering and clapping a true genius of the game. After a short break for food and pictures and autographs with the rocket the second half got underway. First up in the second half was club co-owner Aidan Owens, with frame 5 underway Ronnie got in first again potting a red and black before getting a kick and missing. Aidan took full advantage of this by not letting Ronnie have another shot as he cleared up with a superb 126 clearance to a round of applause that included Ronnie who said no one has ever made a 100 break against him in all his exhibitions. Frame 6 saw John English step up he potted a red before getting a little carried away with the occasion as he potted the black and followed it in. Ronnie battled away to make another 50 break. Frame 7 saw Paul Stone or Stoney as everyone calls him, from Yarmouth conservative club. Ronnie broke off left handed and left a long red which Paul knocked in and he finished on the yellow only to miss and leave Ronnie in the balls where he made 87. The final frame on the night went to Clive Gray and again Ronnie got in where you could see he wanted another big break to round the night off. He cleared all the balls to the black leaving the break on 93 before asking Clive to pot it for 100. Clive got down and knocked the black to finish the break on exactly 100.

With a century from Aidan and 3 from Ronnie everyone was treated to some high standard snooker. A big thank you to Ryan Mitchell for doing the photography and recoding for the night and to Glen Sullivan-Bissett for refereeing. Thank You to everyone that came along and witnessed up close the legend Ronnie O�Sullivan and the treat of a 147. For pictures of the night and news on all upcoming events including Jamie Caven on the Saturday 21st November 2015 visit our website or visit our Facebook or Twitter page.