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Ex Pro qualifies for World Championships

Ex pool professional and Pot Black owner Aidan Owens started his bid to qualify for the World Championships being held in Blackpool from the 24th June  4th July on Thursday night. With over 300 people vying for 4 places this was not going to be easy but his first round didn’t pose too much problem beating his opponent 5 ‘ 0. The Friday morning was to prove a bit more taxing as early starts have never been Aidan’s strong point, with both players making quite a few mistakes; Aidan held it together to take the match 5 ‘ 3. This was to be the turning point with Aidan starting to show why he used to be a professional, taking the 3rd match in style with his opponent not even getting to the table on the first frame. He never looked to be troubled during the match cruising to a comfortable 5 ‘ 2 victory.

This was to be the common theme over then next 2 matches with Aidan looking more and more comfortable with every frame he played taking out some tough finishes. His second from last match was to be streamed live on the internet and anyone choosing to watch it from the comfort of their own home was not to be disappointed as Aidan’s experience showed and he didn’t let the camera’s affect his concentration, attacking the game every step of the way.

When he did allow his opponent to the table he was very tentative and didn’t punish Aidan as much as he was capable of doing, letting him cruise to his last match with a win of 6 ‘ 1. The final match was to prove to be a bit more of a challenge after 8 hours of pool, mistakes started to creep in and his opponent had worked out that he needed to slow Aidan’s game down and try to break the momentum. This looked to be working when he was held to 5 frames each. With one last push Aidan managed to pull the last 2 frames out to win 7 ‘ 5 and to clinch himself a place in the world championships and to pitch himself against some of the best players around.