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On Saturday night Pot Black had darts superstar Terry The Bull Jenkins do a darts exhibition along with Adi Mason professional MC and with all the proceeds of the night going to the Taylor High Memorial fund it had the makings of a great night. With Terry getting here early he mingled with the crowd like one of the regulars telling stories and even just having practice with what can only be said as star struck people watching in amazement as he was hitting 180 after 180 in practice.

It was time for the main course as there was 16 spots to play him and first victim was Stryder from our B team and you could see that Terry meant business as he despatched him with ease hitting 140’s and doubles for fun and that continued for the next 4 legs with Martin, Tyler, Oz and Hos all from our B team being dispatched with ease. But one of the highlights was Terry game with Hos in which he needed double Tops and Adi the MC put an A4 sheet of paper over the 20 section but this did not detur Terry as he threw his dart into the board through the paper and then turned to shake Hos’s hand, to everyone’s amazement when Adi took the paper down it was in the heart of tops and everyone went wild with applause. Next up it was the turn of some of our A team’s players and with Lincoln up first in his own words shaking like a leaf was an understatement and by the time he calmed down it was too late. Matty Hook one of Lowestoft best players was next but Terry was in no mood to mess around and with some clinical darts finished him off.

Next was the last match of the first half and also turned out to be the best match of the night with Matty’s younger brother Jnr playing his best darts of his life with 2 x 140 and 132 and taking out the double on his first dart Terry had no answer to this and it was Jnr who gave Terry his first defeat of the night and to the delight of the crowd who went wild with applause. After short break for few nibbles and more drink it was back to the darts with Georgie trying to do the same as Jnr and he did not disappoint with some good solid darts and with Terry having few too many sausage rolls took the leg. Next two players saw Gary High and Gary Bull both from the Ole Frank but having lost his previous 2 legs Terry made sure that did not happen and took them both with ease. The next 5 legs were auctioned off for charity the first went to Howard Attew, next was Ian Youngman then John Waterman, the 4th leg went to Pot black owner Aidan but pulled a fast one as in his own words can’t hit a barn door so got Matt Stanborough who works at Pot Black to play instead and the last one went to The Pot Black A Darts Team who all chipped together for Chappell who’s birthday it was to play and all but Chappell went the same way as most with Terry taking the legs easily but decided to have some fun with Chappell as it was his birthday with Adi our MC swopping scores to leave Terry needing over 400 and Chappell on a double which he despatched with ease.

All that was left was to auction off a signed shirt which went to Jemma the dart board that was used on the night which went to Gary High to go with the one he got at the Eric Bristow exhibition and last but no means least the darts that Terry played with all night went to Stefan. Big thank you must go to everyone that came along and made this a fantastic night of entertainment in which we raised £669 on the night with the auction and raffle which goes to fantastic local charity The Taylor High Memorial fund. For more information and pictures and for upcoming events visit our Facebook page or go to our website